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This is a blog containing notes of things learnt by a libertarian and conservative guy, mainly from his personal mistakes. The forgetful guy still returns to his own notes from time to time for refreshers or to improve them as necessary.
Leaves of Cat's Whiskers Are EdibleGardening20170419
Leaves of White Mulberry Are EdibleGardening20170419
Beauty Pageants Are MeaninglessSociety20170109
Lot Was CarnalChristian20170108
Money in Wrong Hands Is a CurseSociety20170107
Snacking Is UnnecessaryHealth20170106
Love Handles Are UnhealthyHealth20170105
Indiscriminate Parking Is SelfishSociety20170104
Separation of Religion and State Is PracticalPolitics20170103
Imported Fresh Produce Is UnnecessarySociety20170102
Discrimination Is SubjectiveSociety20170101
Jezebel Was WickedChristian20161231
Golf Is CostlySociety20161230
Contraception Is PromiscuousChristian20161229
Graceful Awl Snails Are ResilientGardening20161228
Female Pastors Are UnbiblicalChristian20161227
Fasting Is BeneficialHealth20161226
Entertainment Mentality Is UnproductiveSociety20161225
Concerts Are MeaninglessSociety20161224
Desert Roses Are PoisonousGardening20161223
Black Soldier Flies Are BeneficialGardening20161222
Death Penalty Is OutdatedPolitics20161221
Consumerism Is EmptyConsumer20161220
Composting Is RecyclingGardening20161219
Cold Calls Are AnnoyingSociety20161218
Christian Mindsets Are PragmaticChristian20161217
Reminding for Contribution Is UnfaithfulChristian20161216
Drunkenness Is IntoxicatingHealth20161215
Baptism Is SymbolicChristian20161214
Gift Exchange Is WastefulSociety20161213
Cold Showers Are RefreshingHealth20161212
Changing Lane Abruptly Is SelfishSociety20161211
Raw Wild Betel Leaves Are EdibleGardening20161210
Gun Control Is DangerousPolitics20161209
Two Meals Per Day Are EnoughHealth20161208
Raw Java Water Dropwort Leaves Are EdibleGardening20161207
Justification by Faith Is LogicalChristian20161206
Incorporating Exercise Into Daily Work Is PracticalHealth20161205
Raw Indian Pennywort Leaves Are EdibleGardening20161204
Lenovo Vibe P1 Is DecentConsumer20161203
Mobile Phone Criteria Are SimpleConsumer20161202
National ID Cards Are RedundantPolitics20161201
Photocopying National ID Card Is FishyConsumer20161130
Whining Is UselessSociety20161129
Raw Okra Leaves Are EdibleGardening20161128
Military Intervention Is UnjustifiedPolitics20161127
Raw Roselle Leaves Are EdibleGardening20161126
Boosting Economy Is SimplePolitics20161125
Leftists Are HypocriticalPolitics20161124
Late Payment Is IntolerableSociety20161123
Electronic Games Are DetrimentalSociety20161122
Raw Water Spinach Leaves Are EdibleGardening20161121
Urban Folk Are RichSociety20161120
T8 LED Tubes Are OutshiningHomemaking20161119
Deals with Any Red Flag Are UnacceptableJob20161118
Raw Ulam Raja Leaves Are EdibleGardening20161117
Proverbs Are InterestingEt Cetera20161116
Government Space Programme Is WastefulPolitics20161115
Unspoken Office Rules Are CrucialJob20161114
Liquid Surface Is FlatEt Cetera20161113
Love Is AdmonitoryChristian20161112
Giving Money to Beggars Is TerribleSociety20161111
Return of Christ Is BiblicalChristian20161110
Television Is BrainwashingSociety20161109
Statelessness Is ChaoticPolitics20161108
Honouring Government Law Is CompulsoryChristian20161107
Billboards Are DangerousSociety20161106
Crew Cut Is CoolEt Cetera20161105
White Lie Is SinfulChristian20161104
Images of Christ Are UnscripturalChristian20161103
Coco Peat Is UsefulGardening20161102
A Recovery Drive Is EssentialComputer20161101
Hiring HR from Other Departments Is PracticalJob20161031
Home Gardening Is EssentialGardening20161030
Fireworks Are DangerousSociety20161029
Byte Order Mark Is RemovableComputer20161028
Early To Bed Is WiseHealth20161027
Coffee Is UnhealthyHealth20161026
Littering Is UncivilisedSociety20161025
Gyms Are UnnecessaryHealth20161024
Hair Dyes Is ToxicHealth20161023
Free Speech Is EssentialPolitics20161022
Fresh Water Is DepletingEt Cetera20161021
Dry Toilets Are Eco-friendlyHomemaking20161020
Crony Capitalism Is OxymoronicPolitics20161019
Carpeting Is UnhygienicHealth20161018
A Morning Shower Is RefreshingHealth20161017
Walking Is DecliningHealth20161016
Personal Insurance Is UnnecessaryConsumer20161015
Sport Is MeaninglessPolitics20161014
House Shrews Are InterestingEt Cetera20161013
Minarchy Is IdealPolitics20161012
Complaining About Coworkers Is DisgracefulJob20161011
Sleeping on the Floor Is HealthyHealth20161010
High Heels Are DangerousHealth20161009
Atlatls Are AmazingEt Cetera20161008
Mattresses Are UnhealthyHealth20161007
Transparent Church Finances Are CompulsoryChristian20161006
Carbon Dioxide Is AlrightPolitics20161005
Self-sustaining Prisons Are HonourablePolitics20161004
American Liberty Is DwindlingPolitics20161003
Website Pop-ups Are AnnoyingComputer20161002
Dual-earner Families Are MalfunctioningHomemaking20161001
A Credit Card Is ConvenientConsumer20160930
Commuting by Car Is SelfishEt Cetera20160929
Motorsport Is MeaninglessPolitics20160928
Tithing Is OutdatedChristian20160927
Cars Are UneconomicalConsumer20160926
Child Labour Is AlrightPolitics20160925
Standing Desks Are HealthyHealth20160924
Speed Humps Are UselessSociety20160923
Income Tax Is WickedPolitics20160922
Dell Latitude E5470 Is MediocreConsumer20160921
Gold-backed Currency Is StrongPolitics20160920
Henpecked Men Should Not Get MarriedHomemaking20160919
Minimum Wage Is DamagingPolitics20160918
Back-seat Driving Is DangerousSociety20160917
Highway Speed Limit Is DangerousPolitics20160916
Traffic Officers Are RedundantPolitics20160915
Seat Belt Law Is WrongPolitics20160914
Slap Not a Paederus BeetleHealth20160913
Mosquito Fogging Is UselessHealth20160912
Samson the Mighty WarriorChristian20151108
Left Wing Versus Right WingPolitics20150831
Commute by BicycleHealth20150615
Laundry by HandHomemaking20150505
Ten CommandmentsChristian20150219
Simple Soap MakingHomemaking20150110
True Deep Inner JoyChristian20141029
Myopia Glasses Worsen MyopiaHealth20140729
Ejaculate for Reproduction OnlyHealth20140129
Control of DocumentsJob20140108
Raw Eggs from Free Range Are SafeHealth20140101
Refined Sugar Is UnhealthyHealth20131224
Home WinemakingHomemaking20131216
Free WillChristian20131128
Drink Only WaterHealth20130824
Growing MintGardening20130805
Land Hermit CrabHomemaking20130428
Salvation ChecklistChristian20110522
Cult ChecklistChristian20110426
Measurement Equipment CalibrationJob20110206
Bible Inspection ChecklistChristian20100403
Some Decent FreewareComputer20090713
Not All Meats Are FoodHealth20090125
Easy Food Easy HealthHealth20081104
Work Email TipsJob20080703
Laptop Computer Selection CriteriaConsumer20080605
What One Can Do for the EarthHomemaking20080516
Some Poor Product DesignsConsumer20080423
Advanced FlowchartJob20080410
Avoid Debt Like a PlagueConsumer20080402
Handling Customer ComplaintsJob20080313
Handling Office MeetingJob20080125
Stop ProcrastinationJob20080115
Misconception of Quality AssuranceJob20071128
How Men Piss off WomenEt Cetera20071120
Lock ComputerComputer20071102
Speed Up Computer without PayingComputer20071030
Read this Before Joining MLMConsumer20070904
Optical Disc Burning TipsComputer20070820
How to Strengthen QEMSJob20070629
Seemingly Harmless Health DecayersHealth20070620
Avoid Becoming A Crime VictimEt Cetera20070530
Efficiency Tips for Office EmployeesJob20070518
Handling East Asian Characters in ComputerComputer20070514
Motorcycling TipsEt Cetera20070507
Keeping BudgerigarsHomemaking20070409
General Fire SafetyJob20070403
Freshwater Aquarium Fish CompatibilityHomemaking20070402
Mountain Hiking TipsHealth20070320
Common Expressions Translated into KoreanEt Cetera20070319
Wake Up On TimeHealth20070213
Mindset in Website Traffic IncreaseComputer20070212
Pay After Getting Full ServiceConsumer20070211
If Gmail Cannot Open in Internet ExplorerComputer20070210
Undesirable GirlsEt Cetera20070209
Some Shopping AdviceConsumer20070208
Computer Part and Repair PricingConsumer20070207
Web Hosting CriteriaConsumer20070206
Measuring Cost of Poor QualityJob20070205
White Spot on Freshwater Aquarium FishHomemaking20070204
Healthy Weight LossHealth20070203
Freshwater Aquarium Fish SurvivalHomemaking20070202
Freshwater Aquarium AlgaeHomemaking20070201
Fixing Cloudy Freshwater AquariumHomemaking20070131
Simpler Way To Do BackupComputer20070130
If a File Cannot Be Deleted Even in Safe ModeComputer20070129
Computer File ManagementComputer20070128
Tips on Traveling by Coach BusEt Cetera20070127
Stop Suppressing Symptoms in the BodyHealth20070126
Some Christian MattersChristian20070125
Short Talk About MoneyConsumer20070124
Security for Online PaymentConsumer20070123
Measuring Supplier On Time DeliveryJob20070122
JerksEt Cetera20070121
Freshwater Aquarium Starter GuideHomemaking20070120
Do Not Pay for EbookConsumer20070119
Daily Expenses Sheet TemplateConsumer20070118
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